All about cocoa
Christmas and chocolate are a match made in heaven, the milk to our cookies, the bread to our butter all in all the perfect pair. With this all being said, it's safe to say that our cocoa consumption has definitely been on the rise recently - we’re blaming you Salted Double Choc Crookies! Don’t get us wrong, our taste buds have been loving it but turns out maybe our bodies have too. We always knew there was a reason why all our flavours contained even just a sprinkling of the good stuff!

So then you’re probably wondering what we mean. Well it turns out our friend cocoa over here may just have a benefit or two!

  1. Ever heard of flavanols? No, well neither had we until recently and it turns out that cocoa is packed with them! Turns out that flavanols host a whole load of benefits including heart and brain health. These plant chemicals are home to an abundance of antioxidants and all their #criminallygood superpowers too.
  2. A source of magnesium! Now, this one we have heard of but do you know the benefits to making sure we’re consuming enough magnesium. Well magnesium is beneficial in a whole heap of ways from improving bone health, reducing inflammation to boosting energy, we always knew Crookies were an essential part of our diets!
  3. In need of a stress reliever? Well - yet again cocoa is here to help, so go grab a pack of Crookies quick! Turns out that cocoa could in fact help to alleviate stress thanks to its ability to reduce the body’s cortisol (natural stress hormone) levels. Maybe that's why we’re always craving Crookies when it's crunch time.

So with all this being said, Crookies, anyone?

Much love,

The Raw Bake crew x

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