#CriminallyGood self love!
We’re still on the theme of love but this time we’re going to be sharing our favourite ways to practice self-love.

If there’s one silver lining to come from the past two years, it's that we’ve learned the importance of practicing self-appreciation! On paper Valentine’s appears to be all about couples and how to spoil one another but to us, there is nothing more important than a bit of R&R and self-love.

  1. Book into a workout class - This one can be a bit love it or hate it but nothing says feel-good feeling to us more than a hardcore sweaty session. Whether that is 15 minutes, 30, or even an hour once those endorphins get pumping nothing will knock us down!

  1. Get Baking - Embrace your inner Mary Berry and get creative in the kitchen. Just in case you couldn’t tell we’re not shy of whipping up a #criminallygood sweet treat or two! Baking just feels wholesome AF to us and if that’s not a good enough reason in itself then surely having an abundance of baked goods at the end of the day is! If you require some #dangerouslytasty inspiration look no further as our blog is home to an abundance of bad-ass bakes.

  1. Light a candle, dim the lights, put on some tunes, and enjoy some me-time! - It could be a bubble bath, reading a book, or just cosying up on the sofa with some groovy tunes in the background (hit us up on Spotify for all the good vibes!) A bit of cosy time never does any harm! We always seem to be running a million miles an hour these days so feel no guilt and take some time to chill out!

  1. Treat yo self! - As the saying goes, don’t be afraid to treat yourself! A nosey around the shops or a scroll online may just give you that heartwarming lift that you need! FYI a crookie purchase is known to boost the mood and give all those self-love good vibes!

  1. Meditate! - We know this one can sound a bit hippy but are you living in 2022 if you haven't dabbled in breathwork or meditation? Meditation doesn’t have to be sat in pure silence thinking about the deepest thoughts. Instead, 5 minutes of meditation to you could just be a walk around the block with a moment to yourself to practice gratitude. If you need a helping hand and are not sure where to start there are some great apps out there, our favourite being the Calm app.

We hope we’ve given you some motivation to give yourself a little pick-me-up and encourage a bit of self-love in your day-to-day life!

We’d love to know your favourite ways that you incorporate some love into your lifestyle!

Much love,

Raw Bake Station

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