How to live more sustainably
We will be the first to admit that we are definitely not perfect but everyday here at Raw Bake Station we love to find new ways to live more sustainably!

So what do we do as a brand?

Well first up being a plant-based product we are already helping to reduce our carbon footprint. As a general rule of thumb the evidence suggests that on the whole using plants over animal products puts a lot less of a strain on the planet as a whole. For this reason we are committed to always being 100% plant-based, more plants means more delicious too! By sticking to this not only our Crookies #dangerouslytasty they are also #criminnalygood for your taste buds as well as the planet!

When it comes to our packaging we knew that this was an area we needed to focus on.  As a result we made the decision to ensure that all our packaging was 100% recyclable, making snacking not only healthier for us but for the planet too! We’re still on the hunt for new and innovative alternatives though so are always busy looking at new options too!

5 tips and tricks that we implement as a team

  1. Grow your own produce

Now we know this is easier for some than others but we can all have a go - trust us you’ll be wanting your own farm soon! Not all of us have the luxury of a garden however one thing we can all have a go at is growing our own herbs! UK supermarkets are particularly bad when it comes to using plastic, so why not take baby steps and start growing your own! Before you know it you will be a proud plant parent, it's  a dangerously addictive hobby!

  1. Reuse!

Yep - old pots, jars and other old packaging can all be reused and make some great home decor! Ever wondered what to do with an empty almond butter jar? Why not turn it into a plant pot or something to jazz up your home working environment - the options are endless! Definitely get creative and have fun with this one, we’d love to see your suggestions!

  1. Eat locally

Not sure about you but we love a trip to the local farmers market! A morning spin followed by brunch and a walk to the markets sounds like the perfect Sunday morning to us! Not only is this a great easy weekend activity, shopping locally means you’re reducing your carbon footprint. Markets are also the home of seasonal eating, so great for switching up your meals.

  1. Get moving

We can’t deny it, we're all fans of being active and getting our bodies moving over here.  But saying no to the car keys and yes to upping the step count is a great way to not only sneak in some exercise but also be kinder to the planet - your wallet will thank you too!

  1. Get creative in your wardrobe

We’re all guilty of saying we have nothing to wear but styling old clothes a new way can create a whole new look for the grand total of £0! Everybody knows that fast fashion isn’t great when it comes to helping the environment, so if you are in need of some new pieces try hitting up the charity shops! Charity shops can be a gold mine when it comes to finding hidden gems!

We hope that our top tips can offer up some inspiration when it comes to living a more sustainable life. We’d love to hear what you do, so make sure to tag @rawbakestation in your sustainable swaps!

Much love,

The Raw Bake team x

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