London’s best fitness classes
If there is something you should know about the Raw Bake Station team, it's that alongside being number 1 Crookie fans we are also big advocates for exercise. As some of you already know, we are a brand originally from Manchester and being new to London we have loved exploring the fitness scene. From a sunday spin to a midweek flow - we’re up for trying it all. So, those of you already in London or planning a visit soon, here are our top 5 recommendations.


‘The King of Gyms’ or so they say! 3 great concepts all guaranteed to leave you feeling on top of the world afterwards! For the ultimate full body workout, Reshape is the class for you. Reshape combines fast stinits on and off the treadmill with dynamic weights sequences for the ultimate burn! Ever fancied giving boxing a go, we love it, which is why Rumble has to be our favourite 1Rebel class! 45 minutes of boxing is the dream when it comes to letting out all that energy you have built up inside. The final offering is Ride, an elevated approach to your usual Spin. Every class at 1Rebel is a favourite of ours, we’d love to know if any of you are fans.


All you spinners out there, nothing beats a Psycle spin! However if spinning isn’t your thing then don’t worry they’ve got some great strength, barre and yoga classes too. As far as the spinning options go they have 3 options to pick from Ride 45, Ride 60 and Ride 90. All three pack in the energy with a unique combination of spin and light weights taking your average spin class to a whole new level. If you’re not in London and still want to give Psycle a go they now have a ‘home’ platform which is also great!

Barry’s Bootcamp

Known for its famous Red Room, if you’re after a serious workout then Barry’s Bootcamp is the place for you! Jumping in between the treadmill and mat is just as sweaty as it sounds, so make sure you are ready to give it all. With a different workout everyday of the week, it's down to you to decide which body part you are prepared to give the Barry’s burn to. We love a Sunday Total Body, followed by brunch - it really is the perfect Sunday set up.


We all love getting a sweat on high intensity class but sometimes all you need is a good stretch and a deep deep burn, and for that Barrecore ticks all of the boxes! Anyone who has given a barre class a try will know about that feeling you get when the shakes start coming. Nothing can compare to the feeling you get inside when the instructors tell you to pulse for just a little bit longer. Definitely recommend giving a Barrecore class a try, be warned though you will definetfly feel the famous ‘Barrecore shakes’.

Soul Cyle

We are partial to a good spin class so another studio that we are a fan of is Soul Cycle. They call a Soul Cycle class a cardio party and they’re certainly not lying. Soul Cycle is guaranteed to bring the energy and  leave you feeling on an endorphin high.

We’d love to hear any recommendations you may have as we’re always on the lookout for new classes to try!

Much love,

The Raw Bake team x

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