Mother's Day gift guide
Mother’s Day is fast approaching and all though we’re OBSESSED with our mum’s all the over 364 days a year this is the one day to show them just how #CriminallyGood they are!

So for those of you who don’t know, some could say that Raw Bake Station’s existence could even be down to our founder, Evie’s very own mum. WIthout mumma RB we would have had no kitchen where we could have kick-started our journey. Although our manufacturing facilities have moved on from the days of a domestic kitchen, nothing beats a could catch up and the wise words of a mum. So for those of you looking to spoil your mother rotten this Mother’s Day, looking no further as we may have just come up with the best gift guide yet!

Raw Bake Station Taster Box

A #CriminallyGood gift you could say? If you’re anything like us, then your love language is certainly in the gifting department and by gifting we mean feeding! Surely nothing says ‘I love you more than a selection of the world's most #DangerosulyTasty treats? A 6 pack worth drooling over! Yep, that’s 2 packs of Vanilla Choc Chip, 2 Salted Double Choc, and 2 packs of Chocolatey & Orangey Crookies, what more could you want?! The best part is that 2 packs of each means one for you and one for mum, that’s right you don’t even have to share!

A bouquet of flowers from The Flower Station

Some may say predictable others may say a tad basic but what mum doesn’t love a fresh bouquet? A while ago we treated a handful of you to some roses from our friends at the Flower Station and it’s safe to say that they went down like an absolute treat. So if you’re on the hunt for the perfect floral arrangement make sure to check out the team at The Flower Station.

The ‘Award Winners’ bundle from UpCircle

Award-winning skincare for award-winning mums! For those of you who are unfamiliar with UpCircle, where have you been? UpCircle are proud to be producing sustainable, vegan, and cruelty-free skincare products - perfect for all the mums out there!

A brunch date at Farm Girl

Presents are great but nothing beats a bit of quality time whether that's mother and daughter time or a bit of mum and son bonding. For a wholesome Sunday activity, it has to be brunch and where better than Farm Girl. From avo toast worth drooling over or smoothie bowls that make your heart skip a beat, treat your mum this Mother’s Day for a coffee and a chinwag! P.S. make sure to grab a bag of Crookies whilst you’re there!

A #DangerouslyTasty Super Choc Bundle from Ombar

You know we can’t say no to chocolate and who can! When it comes to chocolate we’d like to say that we’re pros in the field. Having tried and tested every vegan chocolate out there we’re giving first place to, drum roll…Ombar! For the ultimate letterbox selector the super choc bundle has you covered from classically creamy, fruity infusions and even nutty pairings the team at Ombar have you and your mum covered!

What are you doing this year to treat your mum this Mother’s Day? Drop us a line and let us know - just make sure it’s a #CriminallyGood day!

Much love,

Raw Bake Station x

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