Our favourite oat bowls of the year
So rumour has it that Crookies on oats may just be an award winning combo, well according to our Instagram at least.

You guys have really outdone yourselves this year and we have been seeing more and more oat bowls pop up on our feed everyday. One thing for sure is that #criminallygood oat bowls are certainly in no short supply.

From your traditional bowl of porridge to baked oats, overnight oats and even oats cakes - we’ve seriously seen it all! Don’t get us wrong the competition was  tough but we think we may have just found our top 5!

Drum roll....

In no particular order these are the top 5 #dangerouslytasty Crookie oat creations  of the year!

  1. Chocolate Orange Crookie crumble oats by @fitnessfodmap_

So - since we’re well into all things festive, it was only right that we kicked things off with our favourite Chocolatey & Orangey bowl of the year! A big bowl of chocolate oats topped with... You guessed it, Chocolatey & Orangey Crookies and fresh orange segments. Yep - you’re not the only one, we’re drooling too!

  1. Caramel Macciato Cookie Baked Oats by @hollysoats

Coffee and Crookies -  ding dong, we have a winner!  Honestly,could there be a better way to start the day than with Crookies and coffee? Also worth noting that this one has an oozy centre, a must try for sure.

  1. Chocolate Overload Oats by @eatswithamy_x

Simple, delicious and let's be honest pretty hard to beat, that's what we’ve got here! Need we say anymore...

  1. Black Forest Gateau Oat Cake by @munchingwithmolly_x

Oat cakes were certainly a new one for us this year, but having seen this we won’t be letting them go anytime soon. The subtle saltiness and rich chocolate flavour found in Salted  Double Choc Crookies is the perfect addition to any black forest creation.

  1. Cookie Monster Overnight Noats by @thehungry.medic

We may be cheating with this one to an extent as this oaty creation actually contains no oats but how could we now show this off. Creativity definitely gets a 10/10 from us!

If you’ve been as blown away as we have by these oat bowl creations, then definitely make sure to go check out our Instagram @rawbakestation

FYI we’ve already given the heads up to all big retailers out there, oat panic buying is imminent!

Let's see what oaty goodness 2022 brings…

Much love,

The Raw Bake crew x

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