Our tips and tricks to stay happy and healthy during the winter!
Moving into the winter months means colder days and plenty of tickly throats and sniffly noses. Delicious. If there was time to get on the health bandwagons - it’s now or never!

So  - where to start? Well for us it’s exactly that, at the start of the day! Nothing is more important to us than having a good morning routine that we can maintain to  keep us feeling our best. For those of you who are subscribed to our newsletter you may have noticed a common theme across our found Q&A’s  - the importance of a good morning routine. Admittedly, it can be a bit harder to get yourself up and motivated when the mornings are that bit darker and gloomier but that’s no excuse.  We are cheerleaders for movement and highly recommend a morning run, class or stretch to work the body and mind before your day of work.  Push through the slog to want to stay in bed - get up and get moving

Next up is good nutrition! Steer clear of refined sugar and lots of alcohol - although all the fun, it really does slow your digestion down and can leave you feeling sluggish and eventually unmotivated.

Get outside! Trust us - we know going outside when it's pouring rain doesn’t sound too fun but even a little 10 minute stroll is better than nothing. It’s well known that in the UK we tend to become vitamin D deficient due to the lack of sunshine, which is why getting outside everyday can help prevent that. We also find that breaking up the day with a quick walk really helps clear our minds and come back into work even more productive. So next time you think you just need to pop down the road for something, give the car a miss and opt for a walk instead.

It’s no lie that the cosy months are upon us - it just  means it’s the perfect time to practice a bit of self care. Everyone has a different version of self care, for some it's cooking, others it's a bubble bath and face mask, or even settling into a good book. What you do doesn’t necessarily matter, it's more about switching off and feeling refreshed afterwards, so it's time to put your phone down!

These are our winter essentials, we’d love to know what you do to stay healthy in winter!

Much love,

The Raw Bake team x

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