We all go BANANA’S for peanut butter & brownies, so we’ve put two of our favourite things together, to create one of the best sweet treats around. Not forgetting to add our own Raw Bake Crookies in for an extra crunch, what more could you want?!


Brownie Base



  1. Place all of the brownie base ingredients into the food processor (except for the peanut butter) and blitz until all ingredients are combined.
  2. Once the ingredients are combined, fold in the peanut butter with a wooden spoon so you have contrasting colour of chocolate and peanut butter.
  3. Place the mixture into a lined square baking tray and put in the fridge to allow the mixture to become firmer.
  4. Whilst the brownies are setting, we can make the frosting. Put all of the frosting ingredients into a food processor and blend until you have a thick caramel frosting (YUMMY!)
  5. Spread this frosting over the top of the brownies and place back into the fridge to set.
  6. Decorate your brownies how you like, I drizzled dark chocolate over the top and crumbled our Raw Bake Cookies over the top, to add extra flavour!

Much Love,

Evie Xx

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