Tips on how to stay positive during these challenging times
COVID-19. It's difficult to avoid hearing or talking about it at the moment. We are all feeling the pressure and our stress levels are heightened. I wanted provide you with some tips on how to maintain a positive mindset! Give them a try and I do hope they help!

With all the negative news surrounding the Corona Virus at the mo, I thought it would be nice to share some top tips to stay positive!

Let's face it; many of you reading this will be working from home due to the current circumstances and I'm going to be controversial and say MAKE THE MOST OF IT! Not having to drive to and from work every day will definitely free up some of your day so that you can have some all important "me time". Here are a few examples for you:

1) Meditate / Stretch as soon as you wake up - Spend 10 minutes or so practising your favourite stretches or learning some new meditation techniques. You'll feel really calm following this and it will set a productive and positive tone for the day!

2) Set daily goals - Write down 3 goals that you want to achieve that day. They don't have to be huge, but getting them done and checking them off will make you feel accomplished and happy!

3) Exercise - As of right now, gyms seem to be at the top of the "AVOID AT ALL COSTS" list. But this doesn't mean you should halt all forms of exercise. Dedicate at least 30 minutes per day to exercise. It doesn't need to be intense every single day but make sure you move your body daily! Have a look on YouTube, there are so many fun, effective and quick workouts.

I really hope these little tips gave you some inspiration. Remaining positive is crucial for both our own mental well being, along with those close to us. Set the example to your family and friends. Be the light in their lives and hopefully your glow will rub off on them too!

Much love,

Evie xx

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