Top Tips for Working Out this Spring!
Spring is just around the corner and here at Raw Bake Station, we believe that a healthy body = a healthy mind and vice versa. This year, we want to bring to you some bits and pieces related to exercise and keeping fit. Throughout the course of the coming year, you’ll be getting insights into our favourite workouts, tips for working out, how to make working out fun, how to maintain a healthy mind, our favourite stretches & meditation exercises and much more! If you’re new to working out & aren’t sure how to get started, or if you’ve recently found yourself in a bit of a slump and have lost motivation, or if you simply want new and fun ideas for keeping fit, these frequent fitness related blog posts will be the perfect read for you!

Today, Raw Bake Station wanted to give you some ideas for working out this spring!

Workout OUTSIDE –

The warmer, sunnier weather is on its way! We can feel it!

The mornings and evenings will also soon be lighter for longer, so working out outdoors is ideal during the spring and summer months.

Why not try a HIIT session in your garden or at the park?

Being outside will:

·       Helps boost your mood

·       Spending some time in nature everyday helps to reduces anxiety and feelings of sadness

·       Allow you to appreciate the beauty of nature around you

Workout with a friend before work -

What better motivation is there than working out with a pal? Not much! Pick a couple of mornings per week and use each other to keep yourselves accountable to your goals!

Wake up early, meet your friend and smash a workout together before work!

Working out with a friend before work:

·       Increases productivity

·       Releases plenty of “feel good” “happy”hormones!

·       Enables you to socialise with someone you love before your working day


Try a new hobby –

Sometimes we get bored with our current routine and consequently lose motivation… Why not try switch it up and bit. Yoga? Or perhaps something more intense like boxing?

Trying something new will:

·       Reignite your love for keeping fit

·       Allow you to meet new people with similar mind sets and goals

·       Give you something new to focus on for yourself

We firmly believe that keeping fit is fundamental to leading a happy & healthy life! Stay tuned for more fitness inspired blog posts in the coming months!

Much love,

Evie xx

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