The day has finally come and lockdown restrictions have been lifted - we couldn’t be happier! The last 18 months have been far from ideal for each and everyone one of us - from our business/work life to our social life and mental health! It’s been quite the whirlwind. . Initially we had no idea how we were going to survive, but now the lockdown is on it’s way out - It turns out we’ve learnt a few valuable lessons along the way.

Relaxation doesn’t only come in the form of holidays!

From counting down the days until we get to jet off to the beach for 7 days in the sun, we’ve now found relaxtion elsewhere!. Long walks, banana bread baking, long baths and podcasts, alone time! We used to live in such a fast paced world, lockdown really taught us as a team to slow down and enjoy the moment/surroundings. Don’t get us wrong, we still can’t wait to go on holiday but we have also found plenty of other ways to relax in the comfort of our own homes. It’s safe to say that the majority of the population definitely managed to find the time to switch off in the kitchen.

Just how important it is to put your health first

Being young our health is something that we generally take for granted. Living in a health pandemic has taught us how everything can change in a matter of moments. For us it has become a priority more than ever to ensure we’re moving our bodies everyday and fuelling up on nutrient rich food - with a side of #criminallygood crookies on the side!

Everyone really is only a phone call away!

Not being able to meet up with people in person for so long meant we took to the internet! Countless facetime sessions, zoom quizzes and failed attempts at TikTok dances - living in a world of social media meant we were able to stay connected to our loved ones. Whilst we are in no hurry to start anymore Zoom quizzes, we will definitely be making a conscious effort to check in with the people around us more often!

The importance of getting outside!

We feel we can talk on behalf of everyone here, being guilty of going for ease and jumping on the nearest tube, we now always opt for the pavements and get in those steps. The last year has encouraged us all to get outside a bit more. Who knew that getting a daily dose of nature really could make us feel so much better.

The UK may be a bit wet but it's pretty great!

Being British, we love to complain about the weather and although it may be a bit grey and wet at times the UK really is a great place to call home! Lockdown has taught us just how lucky we are to have a world of culture, natural beauty and so much more right on our doorstep. Staycations may have not been the dream initially but now they’re here they can most definitely stay!

So on reflection was lockdown all that bad for you? We’d love to know what you’ll be taking forward from this unusual time!

Much love,

The Raw Bake Team x

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