Which Crookie are you?
Ever wondered what your taste buds say about you? Yep, there's more to your flavour choice than meets the eye...or shall we say mouth!
Vanilla Choc Chip

You’re the CUTE one, the baby spice of the group! Some may say ‘BASIC’ we say a family favourite, at the end of the day why fix what's not broken?! You’re often found organising picnics in the park or chilled nights in. A chick flick, popcorn to hand and pamper sesh is your idea of the perfect night in!

Salted Double Choc

The mature one, you're chic, sophisticated and all in all rather classy. There’s more to you than meets the eye. As glamorous you look on the outside, there is an element of surprise that lurks within. Whilst everyone expects pure indulgence your subtle saltiness is what makes you really stand out from the crowd giving you that delectable edge.

Chocolatey & Orangey

Always on TREND...FYI chocolate orange is so 2021!! Whilst everyone else is at their old favourites you’re busy cruising around, finding where's hot next! Always in the waviest of garms and not afraid to be a bit zesty - you’re a thrill seeker at heart!

Not sure we’ve hit the nail on the head with your dreamy flavour yet, don’t worry there’s more to come…

For now though, the question is which flavour is your favourite?

Much love,

The Raw Bake team x

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