Why vegan?
So, FYI it’s currently Veganuary, and, yes we will be shouting all things Vegan this month!

Now then, surely we are not alone in thinking that the one and only Sir David Attenborough, may just about be able to get even the biggest of meat eaters to contemplate Veganism for a minute or two?!

Well, although this big dog - Mr. Sir Attenborough is indeed incredibly persuasive, we made our debut slightly before plant power was all the rage!

You see, Evie (Chief Raw Baker) has always been a fan of the health and fitness scene. At the ripe old age of 18, Evie started to delve more into the vegan world. Her backpack in tow and bundles of enthusiasm, Australia was in sight.

Australia, sometimes called the mecca of health foods, from kombucha to raw treats, the Aussies have nailed it to a tee. Australia was where Evie was first exposed to an array of vegan sweet treats, of which many were raw. Initially unknown territory, she soon found out that there was an art to ‘raw’ baking as at the end of the day, treats need to be #dangeroulsytasty. Next thing you know and Raw Bake Station was born. No questions about it raw, vegan treats were the way forward!

There is more to why we chose veganism, though.

  1. Ethics - If we can make delicious treats minus the animal products and with a significantly lower impact on the environment, then why wouldn't we? All you have to do is get your teeth stuck into a Crookie and you’ll soon realise butter and eggs are so last year.

  1. Taste - Yep, we might harp on about this but, it's true, vegan food is damn right delicious - do we need to say anymore.

  1. Health - fueling our bodies with heaps of plant goodness is what the doctor ordered, right? We've all heard the benefits that come with eating our 5 a day, but these principles don't just apply to fruits and veggies. Plant foods are some of the most nutrient-rich foods you’ll find, so why not incorporate them into our diets in as many ways as possible. We can't deny we’re heavy on the nuts (who doesn’t love nut butter?) but these bad boys are full of good fats and a whole bunch of minerals so there is no reason to say no to the nuttiness!

  1. Choice - We want everyone to be able to enjoy our treats! These days it doesn't take long to find someone with an allergy, intolerance, or diet preference of some form. By choosing to be a vegan company we are actively eradicating some of these issues and making it easier for even more people to indulge.

So then, we’ve told you our story. What are your reasons for choosing vegan this January?

Be sure to let us know.

Much love,

The Criminal Crew


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