Will you love it or hate it?
There’s a new kid on the Crookies block and word is he’s shaking things up!

Say hello to Marmite and Chill, the most #DangerouslyTasty Crookie flavour out there!

Dropping on the 1st April the famous love it or hate it condiment is going to be getting a Crookies makeover! Just like all things Crookie-fied this bad boy is going to have an incredibly moorish rammed with oaty goodness and riddled with cashew pieces. We’re taking a risk with this one and thinking way outside the box with the addition of marmite, a sprinkle of chilli flakes, and a drool-worthy dollop of PB!

There’s Marmite on toast, Marmite PB, Marmite crisps, and even Marmite Hummus!!! So why not throw Marmite Crookies into the mix?

To celebrate we’ve got a #DangerouslyTasty event going down with a few VIPs who are going to be getting a sneak peek. Not only will these be the first packs in customers' hands but we will also be whipping us a PB and Marmite vegan cheesecake with a Crookie base, trust us it's delicious!

Keep your eyes peeled for our exclusive stockist's list dropping soon! The question is will you love it or hate it? #CriminallyGood

Stay criminal friends!

Much love,

The Raw Bake crew x

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